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4801 Santa Monica Ave
Local Designation [print]
Name: Ocean Beach Library NRHP Status Code: 0
HRB Num: 565 Status: Designated
Hearing Date: 12/20/2002 Staff Report Num: P-02-226
Full Nomination
Final Resolution

Address: 4801 Santa Monica Ave APN:
Community Plan Area: Ocean Beach Zip Code: 92107
Neighborhood: Ocean Beach Redevelopment Area: No

Architectural Style: Spanish Colonial Revival Interior Included: No
Architect/Designer: Robert W. Snyder Builder:  
Historic Individual:  Event:
Year Built: 1928
Misc. Notes:  For more information on designation see attached documents.

District Information
District Name:  Ocean Beach Cottage Emerging District
District Period of Significance: 1887-1931

District Contributor Num: 442-065

Local Designation Criteria
  • A - Exemplifies or reflects special elements of the City's, a community's or a neighborhood's historical, archaeological, cultural, social, economic, political, aesthetic, engineering, landscaping or architectural development.
  • C - Embodies distinctive characteristics of a style, type, period or method of construction or is a valuable example of the use of indigenous materials or craftsmanship.
  • F - Is a finite group of resources related to one another in a clearly distinguishable way or is a geographically definable area or neighborhood containing improvements which have a special character, historical interest or aesthetic value or which represent one or more architectural periods or styles in the history and development of the City.
Criteria Notes:

Mills Act: No
Designation Type:
    San Diego Register