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1702 Camino Del Rio North
Local Designation [print]
Name: May Company/William Lewis, Jr. Building NRHP Status Code:
HRB Num: 1203 Status: On Appeal
Hearing Date: 01/28/2016 Staff Report Num: HRB 16-001
Full Nomination

Address: 1702 Camino Del Rio North APN: 4380300600
Community Plan Area: Mission Valley Zip Code:
Neighborhood: Mission Valley East Redevelopment Area: No

Architectural Style: Commercial Interior Included: No
Architect/Designer: William Lewis, Jr., Master Architect Builder:  
Historic Individual:  Event:
Year Built: 1961
Misc. Notes:  For more information on designation see attached documents.

District Information
District Contributor Num:

Local Designation Criteria
  • A - Exemplifies or reflects special elements of the City's, a community's or a neighborhood's historical, archaeological, cultural, social, economic, political, aesthetic, engineering, landscaping or architectural development.
  • C - Embodies distinctive characteristics of a style, type, period or method of construction or is a valuable example of the use of indigenous materials or craftsmanship.
  • D - Is representative of the notable work of a master builder, designer, architect, engineer, landscape architect, interior designer, artist or craftsman.
Criteria Notes: APPEAL FILED 2/11/2016 - Designated with a period of significance of 1959-1961 under HRB Criterion A as a special element of Mission Valley and San Diego’s economic development; Criterion C as a good example of Contemporary style architecture; and Criterion D as a resource reflective of the notable work of Master Architect William Lewis, Jr. The designation excludes the storefronts added within the recessed walkway on the north end of the west elevation.

Mills Act: No
Designation Type: